October 4, 2018 - GoItaliano.com is now ranked #1 on Google in most regions around the world for the keywords "ITALIAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY".

This again is due to the hard work put in by our SEO partner MarketingWebsites.ca and their employees.

May 28, 2018- GoItaliano.com is currently ranked on Alexa at around the 19 million mark in volume of traffic out of 644 million websites currently on the internet. This is a remarkable ranking considering the website has been online for just over 1 1/2 years. Statistically we are currently ranked within the top 5% on the internet! We owe this strong positioning to Marketing Websites, they have been working hard daily to bring us higher on search-engines across the internet.

October 18, 2017 -

We are happy to announce that we are officially partnered with Marketingwebsites.ca, an SEO, online marketing and webdesign agency located in Laval, Quebec.

Marketingwebsites.ca will be promoting GoItaliano.com and its App through Social Media and keyword Search-Engine Optimization.






April 16, 2018: Our ranking on Google and Yahoo has now reached new heights. Right now we currently show up #1 for the keywords: ITALIAN BUSINESS NETWORK in both search-engines. We are also slowly crawling up the Google search-engine for the keywords ITALIAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY. We'd like to thank Marketing Websites for their long hours of hard work to get this high Internet ranking materialized! Grazie!

August 1, 2017 - We have printed 50,000 new postcards to be distributed across the city, including at the current 70 cashes at grocery stores across Montreal. The new 6 x 4 postcards have the front-side of the card in French and English.



April 16, 2018- The famous Italian newspaper based out of New Jersey called America Oggi is now advertsiisng on GoItaliano.com.

Their paper is circulated in 6 states across the NorthEast of the US. Click below to go to their website



July 10, 2017- GoItaliano.com as of today is under new ownership and management.

The website is now owned and operated by CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC, a federally incorporated company. 

February 20, 2018 - Next week we will be restocking the postcards at the current 70 cash locations in Montreal. We have printed a new batch of 25,000 postcards.

April 20, 2017 - We have officially hit 70 cashes where our 6x4 postcards are now being distributed across Montreal and Laval.

Frutta Si, the huge grocery store in Lasalle at 1255 Shevchenko Boulevard, has our postcards now stationed at their 7 cash aisles.

We would like to thank Kim Toppetta and her father Eddie for allowing us to promote GoItaliano at their Supermarket. 

To check out their latest specials, click to go to their online circular below:




January 11, 2018 - FOR MERCHANTS- We now have it set in place that when someone does a search and finds your profile in the search-engine, should they click your logo right away they will be immediately sent to your website instantly. No need to even open your profile, the system will now direct them to your website within seconds.

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