March 30, 2017-IGA EXTRA at 6190 Henr-Bourassa E. near Langelier has set our postcards at 7 cashes today. We like to thank Mme. Chantal Tellier for her cooperation with our company to help promote GoItaliano at her grocery store and in Montreal-Nord. This brings the total amount of cashes across the Island of Montreal and Laval to 63 cash aisles currently distributing our postcards. We will have more announcements to make in the next coming weeks.

iga extra

March 28, 2017- We are now officially stationed at 56 cashes across Montreal and Laval. Two more cashes were added to the West-Island location for Delices Lafrena located on Brunswick Boulevard in Pointe-Claire. Also our postcards are now stationed at 4 cashes at Fruiterie Dollard located on Dollard ave in Lasalle.


January 22, 2017Euromarché grocery store chain has now stocked and is distributing our 6 x 4 GoItaliano postcards at all their cash aisles at their 5 stores located in Greater Montreal and in Vimont, Laval. We have our postcards stationed at approximately 20 cash lines in total at their 5 locations.

To view their latest online circular, CLICK HERE:

March 1, 2017 - Starting today, March 1. companies currently listed on can now post promotions and news highlights on our Facebook page at no charge. We will post your text and company logo or images that you want posted for your promotion or news event. 

Send us the text and images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and indicate that it is for our Facebook posting. We will post the information within 24hrs.

January 19, 2017- We have upgraded our template panel to allow new features including setting text to paragraphs, bolding text, using a variety of fontes in your text...and alot more. Why not log in to your administrative page and do some new edits to your Business Description and Promotion and News files, with some new features! 

February 16, 2017 - We are happy to announce that the IGA grocery store on Langelier in St-Leonard is now distributing and has stationed our postcards at their 11 cashes! We have worked out a long-term deal with Mr. Germain Tremblay, the general manager at the store. Give them a visit, they are located just south of Jean-Talon on Langelier across from Walmart: 

IGA Extra, 7150 Boul Langelier 

iga extra

January 11, 2017

Our 6 x 4 postcards are now stationed and being distributed at all the 4 cashes at Berchicci's supermarket on Boulevard Couture in St-Leonard. We'd like to thank Mr. John Occhiuto the opportunity to allow us to promote the search-engine at his popular location.

Importation Berchicci Ltée

Visit Berchicci's online at


February 10, 2017 - We are happy to announce today that Bonanza Lalumière, the huge supermarket on Jean-Talon in St. Leonard, has allowed us to station and distribute our postcards at 5 of their cash lines. We'd like to thank Mr. Robert Saint-Germain for giving us this opportunity to further promote in the community. According to Mr. Saint-Germain Bonanza get about 50,000 people going through their cash aisles every week.




January 6, 2017 

We would like to wish everyone in the community a healthy and prosperous New Year!

As a point of information to our subscribed merchants, it is highly recommended that you input the maximum of 40 keyords for your profile so that consumers using the site will have a much greater chance of finding your profile in the search-engine and potentially take a buying interest in your product or service. 

February 9, 2017 - We'd like to thank Celia and Mario Zaurrini at Milano Supermarket for allowing us to station and distribute our 6 x 4 postcards at their 5 cashes. Located in the heart of Little Italy, they are one of the most famous grocery and fruiteries in the Montreal Italian community. They are located at:

6862 Boulevard St-Laurent Montreal, Quebec H2J3C7





January 2, 2017

 In the Dealership category we have recently signed up some prominent names like Cite Nissan, Gravel Acura and Gravel Toyota. In the tractor business we have Kubota Montreal on board!

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